Your Majesty, Please Stop Now

폐하 이제 그만, 폐하, 이제 그만
Your Majesty, Please Stop Now Color
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Sharan is a pagan slave in the Valdek Empire. Every night in her dreams, she sees visions of a man wandering around, unable to sleep. The man is none other than Julian, Emperor of the Valdek Empire. He is suffering from severe insomnia caused by someone’s black magic, and Sharan wants to cure him of his insomnia in exchange for freedom from slavery. But Julian won’t let go of Sharan, who is the only thing that can save him, whether she’s a lowly pagan slave or the love of his life… Julian, the sleepless emperor. and the only one who can put him to sleep, Sharan, a pagan slave and the emperor’s shaman.Original Webtoon:

Author624, Aenteula
SerializationKakao Webtoon (Daum)KakaoPage (Kakao)
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