I Created a Harem to Avoid the Male Lead

Made Harem While Trying to Avoid Male Main Character, 남주를 피하려다 하렘을 만들었다
I Created a Harem to Avoid the Male Lead Color
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Born incredibly beautiful, but stuttering all her life from her stepmother”s abuse, Selena is forced to marry the coercive and violent Archduke Valentine.The heroine, possessed by Selena, devises her scheme to get out of this horrific situation. Taking advantage of her beautiful looks, she seduced countless men and took over her real power. She thought it was gradually going according to plan but she ended up falling in love with the enemy”s Balhail Kas Stark…Original Webtoon:KakaoPage, Daum

AuthorHwangje Ma Chérie
ArtistKim Moglyeon
SerializationKakaoPage (Kakao)Kakao Webtoon (Daum)
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