I Can’t Wait To Eat You

Can't Get Enough of You, I Can't Wait to Eat You, 只想让你坠落, 难咽之隐, 못 잡아먹어서 안달, 못잡아먹어서 안달
I Can’t Wait To Eat You Color
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Exceptional abilities. Good looks that won’t go unnoticed. A well-to-do family. A life on a well-worn path. Everything was boringly perfect. Until one day at the age of thirty… Kim Tae-joon impulsively veers off the road.To meet Han So-eun, the daughter of the driver who took his parents’ lives.’How the hell did you get into this company as a stranger?’Her shamelessness disgusted me, so I decided to keep her around and torment her. Like someone who can’t get enough of you…”I think I like the director.”Oh, no.Original Novel:

AuthorBodoboe Flada
SerializationNaver Webtoon (Naver)Naver Series (Naver)
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